Lord, when we are broken may we have the grace to accept the blood of the fasuka insect to mend the cracks from the test of affliction’s fire. Paul talks to us about Your patience: “What if God, although willing to show His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction? “Rom. 9.22 The remedy–fasuka cement on the crack and willingness to be tested by the fire of adversity–did not work. What of our lives? It is not the blood that fails, but it is the vessel, is it not, Lord? Oh, may we know You are our source of healing and wholeness.

Lord, You try the strength of our reliance by fires of testing. When we are tested, You are there, through each test. May we follow Your footsteps, for Your eye will be on the one who trusts You more than he demands life! In Rev. 12.11 we learn that there are two assurances of overcoming: the word of our testimony, and loving not our lives when faced with death. A choice to allow or embrace suffering that comes to us is not punishment or self infliction, but a choice. Moses chose the burden of leadership, and suffered with the many bad choices as Israel learned obedience.

When our hope is in You, Jesus, doesn’t great glory come out of the affliction if we are willing to embrace the test?

Why do You allow Your children to suffer the furnace of affliction? Is. 48.10 tells us: “I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction.” Doesn’t affliction separate us unto the greater commitment You look for? Do those fires not only test but separate the ready from the not yet ready, and also serve to strengthen vessels to become durable? Then with strength, does not more testing come to prove us through fire?

Lord, can we appreciate the sunlight without the contrast of darkness? Do we desire the product [end result] but shun the process? Will we reject being put back in the test that would prove our faithfulness and endurance? So many great Bible leaders were tested by the fire of adversity: Moses, Joseph, David, Peter, and Paul!

If we reject the cleansing of Your blood to mend our cracks from a test, we could come under Your wrath. Oh, may it not be so. May we be yielded vessels who trust our Potter and submit to Your direction and care. Lord, produce in us the attitude of servanthood, not service. Go to our heart-roots and correct whatever needs correction. We need Your constant touch to keep the mending of any brokenness in our lives.

“For I am confidant of this very thing, that He [You, Lord] who began a good work in us, will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phi. 1.6

Thanks for praying. Blessings. Nancy