On July 15, 2015 I attended an “ICE Community Meeting” at City Hall, Duarte, CA.

Four high-ranking members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and one

Immigration Customs Enforcement agent were on the panel. There were approximately 20

additional uniformed officers present.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 2 to scrap a working program

in favor a 90-day trial program. The untested program is a Department of Homeland Security

effort in effect to make deportation of criminals more difficult. It is called PEP or Priority

Enforcement Program. Under PEP many serious crimes no longer lead to a referral to ICE &

possible deportation. The Supervisors ordered a 90-day trial and requested community input

about PEP. The Supervisors reinforced the Sanctuary County and lawlessness that it


There are over 350 serious crimes that the Sheriff’s Department is suggesting be

considered as not leading to an ICE referral & possible deportation. They include: Forgery,

looting, grand theft auto, embezzlement, fraud, counterfeiting activities, money laundering and

many more. These serious crimes will no longer be deportable offenses. Criminals are

welcome in LA County. Safety is being compromised by LA County Supervisors.

In reflection about the “community input” meeting I conclude the following:

1. That the people were given the opportunity to ask questions, at best, may have given

some a good feeling. And good feelings do not change policy.

2. The LA Sheriff’s Department did their part; they followed orders. They spoke party line.

3. The panelists provided no direction concerning what would impact the decisions of the


4. There will be no monitoring of the Department’s conclusions to be submitted to the LA

County Supervisors.

I plan to attend the supervisors’ meeting when the “report” is on the agenda. I will either

apologize for my comments or reiterate my conclusions.

God is in control.