The ICE Community meeting of July 15, 2015, at City Hall, Duarte, CA was temporarily disrupted by a group of about 15. These were impudent and disrespectful young people of what appeared to be all Latinos. At some point during the meeting, they paraded in single-file between the panelists on stage and the listeners. They went just outside, removed the tape over their mouths and began to chant. The activity further disrupted the meeting.

Clearly, the deputies did not know what to do. They floundered for a while, continued to hold the doors open and appeared to do nothing. The insubordinate group continued to chant an incomprehensible noise as they left. But that was just the beginning of their flagrant self-centeredness and inconsideration of others.

Oh yes, the LA County Sheriff’s Department continues to be ineffective at restoring peace and safety.

While the civilized group was inside the meeting hall listening to the speakers, the fringe element was completely blocking a nearby intersection. This element placed a tarp in the middle of the intersection. A number of them sat on the tarp, thus endangering their lives. They also completely blocked the flow of traffic on one street, thus thwarting the movement of the activities of law abiding motorists. Truck traffic was held up resulting in delayed deliveries. People were possibly late for scheduled appointments. Sick children and frail elderly were endangered. The uncivilized setting in the intersection and the street blockers were too self-absorbed to be concerned about the needs of others.

The fifteen or more sheriffs at the scene were completely incapable of restoring order until a sergeant arrived. It appeared as though the sergeant needed to talk to a lieutenant who needed to talk to someone who could make a decision. All this delay as if it were rocket science concerning the restoration of order. Someone at the scene said that these were “immature brats.” My opinion is that they were throwing a temper tantrum. Over the megaphone, the sergeant announced the penal code violation and gave them 30 seconds to clear the intersection. Three minutes later, the sergeant announced “come on kiddies, please be good. You are making me look bad. You are teaching law-abiding citizens bad tricks. Please, please, please you don’t want to see a grown man in uniform burst into tears, do you?”

No, that is not what he said yet it was what was tacitly communicated. He gave them almost 3 minutes. The all-powerful sergeant then gave the defiant ones another 15-second warning before sending squad cars into the intersection to block the view of cameras. The resisters were gently handcuffed and placed into a squad car.

There were at least 15 sign holders, 5 “advisors” and some additional, unidentifiable agitators.

With more than 15 uniformed officers, more than 6 squad cars and a motorcycle present for an extended period of time, the cost to the taxpayers was tremendous. All this was attributed to law breakers.

The focus of one sergeant was on a legal citizen, Raymond Herrera. He was in a crosswalk filming the mayhem. The deputy put his hand over the lens and shoved Raymond. But the recording continued.

The incident occurred in Duarte, CA in the intersection of Highland and Huntington.

Three members of the LA County Board of Supervisors have seriously undermined the safety of all. The Sheriff’s Department now is handicapped concerning how to restore law, order & safety relative to the lawlessness of the incorrigible pro-illegal alien subversive radicals.

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