newmanSound judgment and public safety were promulgated by Los Angeles County Sheriff, Jim McDonnell, by his decision and report of September 22, 2015.

In California the sheriff of each county is elected by the people and is therefore responsible to the people. The County Board of Supervisors oversteps its jurisdiction when the Board tries to influence the decisions of the Sheriff. The Sheriff of L.A. County kept the Board in check. Kudos to the Sheriff.

Here is the situation: The pro-illegal alien immigration people in elected positions yell and scream in their representation of aliens who are in our country illegally. By doing so, these elected officials are not representing U.S. Citizens. They are advocating, at taxpayer expense, for foreigners who have invaded our country. By doing so, these elected individuals are merely self-serving. They need to be identified and voted out of office! They are bad for California; they are bad for America.

In this specific case, law-abiding citizens want illegal aliens who committed serious crimes and are held in L.A. County jails referred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for review. ICE then opens a file for current and future reference. The illegal alien is then processed for deportation or released into the community. The decision is up to ICE.

The pro-illegal alien groups want the convicted criminal felon released into society and not considered for possible deportation. A few of the crimes the pro-illegal alien group wants excused from referral to ICE include: vehicular manslaughter, embezzlement, felony money laundering, forgery, grand theft auto, credit card felonies, mortgage fraud, drug synthesis, and many more. There are a few hundred of these crimes the pro-illegal alien advocates want to be forgiven so the criminal is released into our communities. There might be a few of these serious crimes that the reader does not think are potentially deportable offenses. But when just one of them arrives at your door step, your life might be miserable for a very long period of time. And the victim may have to pay for any legal expenses incurred.

One muses over why the pro-illegal alien advocates clamor for law breakers to prowl about in our communities. Go figure!