The presidential “debates” took place at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California on September 17, 2015. CNN hosted the event by violating “debate” decorum by trying to create a show whereby the format of “let’s you and he/she fight”. Dr. Ben Carson was an outstanding participant, a gentleman who never took the bait. Dr. Carson clarified errors and misrepresentations in the question and clarified his position. Hence, no blood, no guts.

As is would seem, only the monied class and “important people” where invited to attend. The average member of the hoi polloi gathered on one side of the street while the advocates for the illegal aliens occupied the other side of the street, the street entrance to the library.

There was a stark contrast between the groups, in the main, across the street from each other. On one side of the street the pro-American supporters held up their signs, waved to passing vehicles and answered questions from locals who were on foot. Signs read: Americans First; Help our Veterans; Care for the Homeless; Trump for President; Defund Planned Parenthood; and the like. My signs said No Anchor Baby and No Alien Birthright Citizenship.

The opposite side of the street can be described as an unruly, disorganized mixture of various factions of the pro-illegal alien aggregate. About one-third of the group was S.E.I.U. people who were bussed in from Los Angeles. They were pushing for union membership. The Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), Movement Student Chicano of Aztlan (MECHA), the Neo Aztec dancers and others.

It was a chaotic atmosphere with drums, feathered dancers, bullhorns, chants, foul language and crude gestures directed across the street. The flag of Mexico was waved; the red flag with an Aztec-style black eagle holding a machete and a stick of dynamite, the symbol of MECHA was flown. They were crude in wording and in design.

Bands of four or five young Hispanic males would come across the street to agitate, insult and attempt to incite arguments. When the police would approach, the troublemakers would disband. For me, to interact with irrational individuals who just want to make noise is unrewarding. I event felt dirty after the experience.

As some of us were leaving a youthful Hispanic couple approached us. The male asked me, concerning my No Anchor Baby sign, “What would Jesus do?” My response: “Jesus would obey the law of the land.” He uttered an obscenity as I walked away.

If we love God and Country we must serve in the trenches. Do your duty!