Congressman Mark Takano held a town hall meeting in Riverside, CA on August 27, 2015. Takano represents the 41st district where I am a resident.

Before the meeting I took advantage of some private time with Mr. Takano. In his invitation announcing the town hall meeting, he wrote “… the nuclear blasts unleashed by the United States against Japan at the of World War II.” I told him his choice of words was designed to evoke guilt about the actions of this country. I told him that “unleashed” and “at the end of the war” were inappropriate. I reminded him that the Emperor of Japan was made aware of the destructive power of the atomic bomb which would be used on mainland Japan if Hirohito would not surrender, thus ending the war. I reminded Takano that the United States of America made numerous radio announcements and dropped fliers warning the people to get out of war machine manufacturing districts. The bomb was dropped to end the war. This was implemented to avoid the loss of an estimated 100,000 Allied troops. All this occurred before the meeting.

After Takano’s presentation and response to previously submitted questions, I was the first person in the audience on whom he called. (I strategically sat on the second row, directly in front of the podium from where he spoke.) All the seats in front of me were empty. I told him to defund Planned Parenthood and to get the U.S. out of the nuclear Iran deal. The Planned Parenthood demand created the greatest uproar of objection from the audience of any issue discussed that evening. I ignored the reaction.

I provided introduction concerning the credentials of John W. Spring, a long-term political geographer as a civilian who has provided intelligence information to former U.S. Presidents. I then told Takano that I had provided Mr. Spring’s analytical documents to his staff. He thanked me with assurance that he would read them.

The reader must understand that Mr. Takano is a flaming Democrat and appears unable to think outside the restrictions of party confinement. Nevertheless, voters must speak up; otherwise the voters are part of the problem and not part of the solution.