The California Department of Transportation (CDT) held a “Public Forum on Transportation” in Riverside, California on January 14, 2016. I attended and spoke at the gathering.

To meet the requirements of state law, there were seven such meetings in California with the meeting in Riverside being the last. The stated purpose of the meeting was to solicit citizen input. As I evaluate this meeting and a number of other such law driven meetings where I have spoken, I now have formulated the following conclusion: Dissenting comments are disregarded (about 25 of them at this meeting) while the neutral or encouraging comments (about 4 of them that night) are used for propaganda purposes. The latter input is used to fine tune their next series of “public input meetings” to make their presentations more convincing. And all this effort is paid for by the taxpayer. Furthermore all the “research”, glossies, posters, etc. are paid for by the tax payer.

One of my very close friends left after her comment but by telephone later told me that she would not return to another such sales pitch which just meets their legally required agenda.

Remember, when we get informed and stand up for our rights, which are being eroded by such schemes, we the people will succeed. We must stop the thugs who are wearing three-piece suits!

This entire scheme is part of the United Nations Agenda 21, a thrust to reduce our freedoms, remove American sovereignty and move us under a one-world government dictated by the United Nations.

FYI: The head of SCAG is Hazan Ikhrata. Before coming to America he was a Soviet planner. I have heard him speak a number of times. His mindset is communism. Here is his quote: “You can’t let people do what they want.” He emphasizes that government must tell the people what is best for them.

Toll lanes are part of the scheme. Toll lanes must be stopped. The whole house of cards tumbles when we stop the advancement of toll lanes. Along this line both Raul Rodriguez and I testified in Sacramento last year at the legislative Transportation Committee against toll lanes in San Bernardino. Our testimony infuriated Cheryl Brown, the Assembly member from San Bernardino. She wants toll lanes. These lanes can only be afforded by those with money.

Some Terms:

1) SCAG: Southern California Area Governments

2) SANBAG: San Bernardino Area Governments

3) Members: None of the SCAG & SANBAG members are elected by their constituents. Some are elected to their governmental positions. All are paid by tax payers. (Huasha Liu is a SCAG staffer who shared at a meeting where she was the speaker that according to SCAG, the ethnic group “white” will never be considered a minority. This was shared within the context of economic redistribution.)

4) Shadow Government: A shadow government is an unelected body. Nevertheless, that body spends taxpayer dollars and sets policy as to how to spend millions of taxpayer dollars. Some of its members are on the taxpayer dole while the remainder are wannabes.

5) NGO: An NGO is a non-governmental agency but is nevertheless spending taxpayer dollars and setting policy as to how taxpayer dollars are applied.