For those who have not had a first-hand experience, be it known the governments in America on many levels has become A GREAT BIG BULLY.

Some people have some awareness about the Bundy Ranch ordeal and grand finale of two years or so ago.

The Hammond Ranch near Burns, Oregon has been having a very similar experience of threats, abuse, harassment, accompanied by a great financial cost.

If the reader has faith and trust in government as an upright, constitutional entity, what is written here can not be comprehended. But if the reader has been bullied by an individual from a government agency who is “just doing my job” that individual may possibly understand the gravity of the matter.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and in California, the Department of Fish and Games (DFG) as it used to be known all are completely abusive of land owners’ rights.

When the federal or state government wants your land, your resources, your livelihood or you to discontinue a legal activity on your property, those “yes men” will follow orders to your destruction. Those “yes men” have neither respect nor concern for the issues facing the property owner.

Concerning the Hammond Ranch, the BLM wants their land (a UN Agenda 21 mandate). The peace in the area and for this all-American family have been seriously harmed.

Let’s not lose focus: The government has inflicted irreparable damage on this cattle rancher. At the hands of “yes men,” life has been hell for the Hammonds. Government must be pushed back, way back. The occupied building is not at all the issue for those who have been following this case. Willful government abuse is the issue. Government is a GREAT BIG BULLY.

The charges of arson and terrorism are completely bogus. But because the abused power of government can get away with it, government does it.