Trump & The Remembrance Project

Donald Trump held a rally at the Orange County, California fairgrounds on April 28, 2016. The Amphitheater was packed. Many of the participants of We the People Rising were back stage with Trump and then on the platform with him as we displayed the quilts of the Remembrance Project. This effort is a visual presentation of stolen lives, American citizens killed by illegal aliens.

During Trump’s talk a stench of burning tires descended upon the crowd. Some near me were concerned about breathing issues due to a history of asthma. Prior to Trump’s arrival, a foul-mounted agitator was escorted out because of his behavior. (As it turned out this same character was removed from the Anaheim City Council meeting earlier that same week due to obnoxious, disruptive behavior.)

After a successful event as my wife and I were departing we discovered a rowdy group of people in the parking lot. There was a huge number of uniformed officers equipped with riot gear all around the area. Some of the members of the protesters had been spinning donuts with their cars, thus creating the stench of burning rubber. I learned this by inquiry of an officer stationed in the parking lot.

As one attending the event I had no awareness of the lawlessness of the hooligans who were harming innocent people, destroying public property and interfering with the smooth flow of public activity in the surrounding community.

America is great because of the reverence for God by the remnant and because of our rule of law. The lawless thugs in Anaheim and in the same week in Costa Mesa have demonstrated America’s need for a resolute leader who knows we must deport illegal aliens, especially the criminal element.

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