I attended the all-day rally and court arraignment of two of the Bundy sons in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 15, 2016.

BundyAmmon Bundy (40) and Ryan C. Bundy (43) and, apparently three ranch hands were arraigned. All faced 16 felony counts which included: Conspiracy to impede a federal officer, threat to or assault on a federal officer, use of a firearm with intent to do violence, extortion with interference of interstate commerce among others.

N.B. During the siege which had occurred two years earlier, no one was hurt; no property was destroyed. This is at its root big government abusing its power to bully a rural rancher into submission.

The Bundys & Hammonds Intimidation by BLM

The Bundys in Nevada and the Hammonds in Burns, Oregon have both been intimidated and harassed by employees of the federal government including the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). The agents of various levels of government escalate to force when reason fails. Many of those who work for government refuse to respond to reason. They are “just following orders,” orders they individually would resist if applied to their private lives.

The BLM is encroaching upon private property’s legal usage.

Agenda 21 Harassing Farmers & Ranchers

dd395-Access-siteThis is a part of United Nations Agenda 21. The thrust is to harass farmers and ranchers in rural areas to in effect to force them to sell their land to the government at a discount price. The overall plan is to return the rural areas over to the wildlife and relocate people to cities. In the cities people are to be packed and stacked into small cubicles where the kitchen serves as a living room as well as a bedroom. Cargo shipping containers are now being used for luxury rentals! This proposal has been introduced for use in San Bernardino County, California.