Demonstration For Resignation of Kamala Harris

KamalaA peaceful demonstration rally calling for the resignation of California Attorney General Kamala Harris took place outside the Attorney General’s office on April 13, 2016. The groups responsible for the effort include Students for Life in America, SAB List, Christian Defense Coalition and Capitol Resource Institute.

Illegal Seizure of  David Daleiden Records

The background: David Daleiden is an undercover investigative journalist. He was researching Planned Parenthood especially the selling of body parts of aborted babies. He is the founder of the Center for Medical Progress.

The issue at hand: The AG ordered the seizure of the records and equipment belonging to the Center for Medical Progress. This confiscation effectively thwarts the work of the Center. One can gain a perspective on this through an illustration: If you owned a small trucking business and as the owner, you work any and all jobs as needed. You have two office workers, six truck drivers, 10 tractors and 15 trailers. You primarily haul perishables such as produce. You are making truck and trailer payment, yard payments, fuel and maintenance/repair bills.images (1)

Now an over-reaching government entity locks your yard gate when most of your trucks are loaded with two-day delivery of fruit and are in the yard. The sign says “No Entry; No Removal.” You have bills to pay but are facing an extended court battle. Face it, you are bankrupt even after the government agency is found to be in violation of your Constitutional rights. Your trailers contain rotten fruit. What a mess. The government agents who cooperated with this heinous crime DO NOT CARE because they are handicapped such that they can not identify with your plight.

Kamala Harris in Bed with Planned Parenthood

plannedparWhy the invasion of the Center: According to Life News, Kamala Harris is protecting Planned Parenthood. But why? She has received campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood affiliates for her U.S. Senate race.

This constitutes abuse of power by a public servant for her own self interests.