Lawless Thugs Stop Traffic Santa Ana

liemediaThe Orange County Register in California ran an article on June 10, 2016 entitled “Anti-deportation protesters block street near Santa Ana Civic Center, remain peaceful.” The more accurate title should be, “Lawless thugs interrupt the smooth flow of traffic, police remain emasculated.”

I am relatively certain that if the newspaper reporter had been actively on the way to a real story, and missed it because of blocked traffic the story would have not been so pro-illegal alien in slant.


The Powerless Police (Political Correct?)

With whom does one identify: With law-breaking thugs or with law-respecting citizens? This unlawful activity created untold inconvenience for numerous motorists. And all the while the police remain powerless to restore normal activity and impose the letter of the law on the unruly.

On May 4, 2016 the same variety of, if not the exact same, criminals abruptly stopped a law enforcement meeting. And law enforcement (the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and ICE; Immigration and Customs Enforcement) could not continue the meeting. Decent citizens from over 100 miles away were denied the opportunity to provide community input. Again law enforcement empowered the law breakers.

The Illegal Aliens & Sympathizers Are at the Gates

georgeorwellIt was July 15, 2015, Duarte, California, the illegal aliens and their sympathizers cut their teeth on the impotent Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The “I don’t know what to do” officers allowed the thugs to block a busy intersection at the Duarte City Hall. The lawless interfered with the normal activities of decent citizens going on with their lives. Late to appointments, overdue truck deliveries, inconvenience for civilized people matters not to the barbarians. Since the LA County Sheriff’s Department could not decide how to handle the situation, the criminals were victorious. All this at the expense of law, order, and safety. See Raymond Herrera’s video of this fiasco on California First Crusade.