Cal’s Water Drought Deception

According to water availability, the drought in California has been over for months. Jerry Brown, the outgoing governor of California, declared the drought crisis but will not officially announce that it is over. Why? The ploy is to change the culture of water usage in California. They want to make a permanent change that reduces how much water people use.


The Constricting of  Human Behavior

In a speech Brown said: “People should realize we are entering a new era. The idea of your nice green grass getting lots of water every day, that’s [sic] could be a thing of the past.” So there you have it: It’s not about water shortage; it’s about constricting human behavior. It’s about ugly brown lawns, a third-world appearance. This is all part of United Nations Agenda 21.

I have been, directly and indirectly active in water issues throughout California. Water policy in California is to waste, I mean WASTE volumes of water every minute by sending it out to the Pacific Ocean. And this is in extreme excess to what is needed to balance marine and fresh water in the San Francisco delta.

failThe policy is explicitly designed to regulate water districts all over California. Here is just one example: In the west end of San Bernardino County in California is an upscale community, Rancho Cucamonga. On May 18, 2016 a representative of the water district stated: “Cucamonga Water District has 10 years supply of water available but under the state regulatory compliance we’re forced to comply with restrictions from the governor’s executive order.” And this means a hike in water usage costs.

Agenda 21 Scheme

dd395-Access-siteThe United Nations Agenda 21 scheme: world government is designed to control many facets of our lives – where we live, how we get from one place to another, water availability, food shortages, energy shortages, reproductive patterns, to name a few.

The Legacy of Jerry Brown

Remember the legacy of Governor Jerry Brown: “The new green is Brown.”