EBT Government Experiment

In June 2016 our glorious government tested EBT card receivers’ reaction when the card did not arrive according to the regular schedule. Can you imagine the flood of telephone calls the eligibility workers received? The government has been known to do such experiments at the expense of the recipients as well as the workers. Those “public servants” in government who design such experiments need to be held accountable.

In response to the outcry, I can assure you, the administrator who cooperate with the scam will step to the public announcement microphone and say: “I take full responsibility….” Translation: “I’m just doing my job, following orders. Stop whining.”

The Lies, Cover up and False Statements

ebt-cardThe government “officials” told the recipients and the news people that it was a computer glitch. The news video coverage of the matter recorded upset people destroying store property by pushing items off the shelves. Security had to eject these irate people from the store. The store owner is another victim of the experiment. But the “public” servants are too self-absorbed to be concerned about those they are supposed to be serve.

Not the Government but Churches

An EBT recipient was interviewed at the site stating: “How am I going to feed my five kids?” My tax dollars are not responsible for feeding others’ kids! For years I have stated that the churches are responsible for helping the homeless as well as others in need. For years I have maintained the Bible position concerning the widows, orphans and the poor.

For a number of years in the past my wife and I have housed, rehabilitated the homeless in our community by pastoral referral. We helped them find jobs as well. And there was no cost to anyone other than my wife and myself. We experienced a very, very good success rate.