The illegal aliens and their uninformed sympathizers disorganized a press conference at the ICE office in San Bernardino, CA on August 16, 2016.  We the People Rising was organized at that location to bring some reason, some balance, and some understanding to the issues surrounding illegal aliens’ impact on our society.

The thrust of the “illegalists” was to advocate the closing of the Adelanto Detention Center.  Keep in mind that this detention facility houses potential deportees (all foreigners) who have committed felonies in our country. The sympathizers want these felons turned loose on society where a repeat offense usually takes place.  It is the criminal mind-set both from the sympathizers and detainees that is a threat to society.


On August 20, 2016, We the People Rising had a rally to support law enforcement and the rule of law at the GED Adelanto Detention Facility.  The illegal aliens, their paid agitators, and their sympathizers, went through their pagan dances and chants across the street.  They came by charter bus loads.  One might ask: Who is financially supporting such anti-American activity?

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