During the last presidential debate (Sunday, October 9, 2016), Hillary mentioned 9/11 first responders and this triggered my wife’s memory about a section of Tammy Bruce’s book (c. 2003),The Death of Right and Wrong, (page 247) which I had read to her a number of years ago.  To get the full impact of what occurred, I will quote Tammy Bruce:


“Make no mistake about Viacom’s diversified but solidly leftist plan for the expanse             of culture it controls.  Do you remember Paul McCartney’s October 20, 2001, Concert for New York City at Madison Square Garden?  I certainly do.  Aired on VH1, it was a benefit for the victims of the September 11 attack, and the audience was full of New York City fire fighters and police officers, and of family members holding up pictures of fallen loved ones.


Then Hillary Clinton walked onstage and the most remarkable thing happened—the heroes of 9/11 attack, started booing.  The audience exploded with shouts of ‘Get off the stage!  We don’t want you here!’  After about 20 seconds of this, she left.

While the reaction of New York’s Finest and Bravest is in itself enlightening, what VH1 did to that segment is even more so.  For the rerun of that program on Christmas Day 2001, VH1 digitally erased the boos and catcalls aimed at Hillary Clinton and replaced them with cheers and applause.  This altered version was used for the DVD commemorating the event, cementing into the historical record a version of reality altered to fit Viacom’s preferred world view.”


My reflection:  If Hillary Clinton is so circumspect, why did she not correct Viacom?  Why would she let history be altered?  She is dishonest and deceptive!


Now that so many people have watched the World Trade Center documentaries, like, the DVD, 9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out and perhaps visited AE911Truth.org, they can understand more about Hillary Clinton’s part in the grand scheme of things in America; perhaps I should say globally.