In front of Anaheim City Hall, Anaheim, California, a Latinos for Trump rally was held on Sunday afternoon, August 28, 2016.

Latinos one after another came to the microphone to tell their story; they shared that their parents legally came to America.

They stated their parents were good role models because they taught them to obey the rules. Law and order works. They reiterated, one after another, that if their parents could come here legally, others also had a legal path to legal status to be in the United States of America.

One must keep in mind that illegal aliens are liars daily to their children (and others) because to be on American soil implies they are here legally.

I am a “Trumpeter” because I have been present when illegal aliens and their paid agitators and sympathizers: (1) have physically harmed those innocently passing by (2) have destroyed other peoples’ property (3) have displayed filthy, profane signs with words and symbols (4) have yelled vulgar and barbaric words to others, even those who are just going about their daily activities and even with young children at their sides.

Please consider joining the Remembrance Project. It is an organization that helps the survivors whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal aliens. The killer rarely even knew the victim!

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