The government at all levels seeks to keep the people off-balance.  This is done by changing the rules or by changing the words that describe a given phenomenon. The abuse of sound psychological principles by government is simple:  Keep the populace busy, keep them confused and off balance.


I recall that during the Korean Conflict, the communists used sound psychological principles to control the P.O.W.s.  Because the men allowed themselves to be demoralized and defeated, the enemy could guard the camps with minimal troops, thus allowing others to fight for the communist cause.


Here an example as to how The U.S. Military Code of Conduct was undermined by keeping the P.O.W.s off balance and confused follows:  A high ranking officer who withstood the horrors of camp life decompensated after many months of exemplary behavior.  He had been denied any mail from home until he received a letter from his wife saying she was divorcing him.  P.O.W.s were denied information from home that would bolster them.  This would include letters with pictures and words such as “we miss you”, “we are praying for your quick return”, “the children are excelling in school.”  Letters stating “our 5 year old daughter is very ill in the hospital”, “your mother died”, “your brother committed suicide”, etc. were quickly forwarded to the men. The results were devastating to the P.O.W.s.


Another example of how government undermines the people is by rule changes.  A notice was sent to a resident with a citation attached that your utility trailer cannot be detached from the tow vehicle and remain in place no matter the issue of your emergency or brevity of the circumstances.  The small utility trailer owner had no awareness of this ordinance.  The fine of $74.00 due in 10 days was printed on the citation.


Many terms change to give government the upper hand and to generate income at the expense of the citizen/taxpayer.  I have lived long enough to remember that we needed to prepare for global cooling; this gave rise to global warming.  When truth of these government scares was determined to be a hoax, we now have the term, “climate change.”


Another way to confuse and keep the citizens busy and off-balance, which has been perpetrated by government is the cause of the ebb and flow of environmental issues.  A lie that is advanced is that man’s use of fossil fuels gives rise to excessive atmospheric C02, nitrogen compounds and carbon particles to name a few.  Oh yes, methane gas is problematic so we need to eliminate all bovines, dairy, and beef in California.  Then the government comes in to solve the problem by changing regulations and creating fees, taxes, and fines.


In California government desires that people stop driving their cars, stop eating beef and drinking cow’s milk.  Many terms have been created, along with new permits, citations, and fees.  Review the number of business which have been driven out of California just by changing rules/regulations and terms.  But this is another topic, i.e., driving businesses out of California by creating new rules and regulations!


Again, the motto of government seems to be: keep the populace off-balance, keep them confused, and change the rules and terms frequently.  Oh, if you work in a government office it is great to change the forms, move desks, copy machines, and up-date everything often.