The United States of America does not have a democracy as its form of government.  The democrats try very hard to confuse the voters because of the name of the political party.


The Founding Fathers who wrote and helped ratified the U.S. Constitution were clear that the form of government would be a republic, a republican form of government.


In a true democracy, anyone of the citizens of, for example, ancient Greece could assemble at the appointed time and place to speak and vote on a governmental law or policy.  The majority takes the day.  The people soon learned to vote themselves benefits (welfare) from the public treasury.  Greece soon collapsed under the weight of their own democracy.


In a republican form of government the majority elect their representatives who then make decisions that are in the best interest of the constituents.  Yet that which is in the best interest of population as a whole is calculated into the decision.   The representative of the people then has a say in law making and policy setting by having one vote.  The majority, over 50% or on some issues a 2/3 majority takes the day.


The United States of America is a republican or representative form of government.  The United States of America is not a democratic for of government, AKA a democracy!


Now, briefly, for clarification purposes, the Electoral College (EC) must be mentioned.  The EC is and for national, federal elections pertaining to the president and vice president.


Based on population, determined by the U.S. censes taken every 10 years, each state has a certain number of EC votes.  The original and current purpose for using the EC and not the popular vote is to allow lesser populated states a voice.  Without the EC, heavily populated states would be able to, every election, completely disregard the desires of the lesser populated states.  The lesser populated states form coalitions so they are able to have a say in the national election.  Because of the population of California where I live, without the EC, this state along with 3 or 4 others would make all the presidential election decisions.  And the desires of the “smaller” or less populated states would be denied representation.


The Constitution of the United States of America is by definition a republican form of government; all citizens therefore have a say—a vote in this form of government.