My California State Senator is Mike Morrell (R) since I live in the 23rd district.  On a monthly basis he updates his constituents.

Neglected Oroville Reservoir by Democrats

The democrats in Sacramento have neglected the maintenance of the Oroville Reservoir, the responsibility of Gaven Newsom (D), California’s Lieutenant Governor.   This water source supplies Southern California.  The end users are residences, agriculture, and industry.  This neglect is extremely serious because of the need for water.  Because of the spillway crisis, millions of gallons of water per hour are wasted by sending this water out to the Pacific Ocean by way of the San Francisco, San Joaquin Delta.

 The Start-No-Where Go-No-Where High Speed Rail

Attention has been focused on the “start-no-where, go-no-where” high speed rail in California; it is the boondoggle of outgoing Governor Jerry Brown.  This has been a drain on the state budget, therefore taxes must be raised.  Obviously, state spending cannot be decreased!  Take a look at the increases in taxes in Senate Bill 1 (SB1):

State Increases In Taxes Senate Bill 1(SB1)

Gasoline excise tax:  12 cents per gallon, phased in over three years

Price-based excise tax:  7.5 cents per gallon

Diesel excise tax:  20 cents per gallon

Diesel sales tax:  4% per gallon

Vehicle Registration Fee:  $38 per vehicle annually

Electric Vehicle Registration Fee:  $100 per zero-emission vehicle

In addition, all tax rates and fees created in SB 1 will be increased every three years based on the Consumer Price Index.

Fuel Costs Up Commodities Explode

When fuel costs increase, the commodities that people purchase also increase because nearly all products are transported to retail outlets or shipped by mail directly to the resident if purchased on-line.  Customers will not notice an increase in costs of a few pennies here and there but the aggregate becomes noticeable real soon.  And the increase will not level out but will continue on the incline.

Remember it’s the democrats who have caused the budget problem, conceived a scheme to take more from the people, and supported SB1 in the California legislature which greatly increase taxes in California.