I spoke three times at the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) meeting on April 5, 2017, in San Bernardino, CA.  There were almost 30 voting participants with an untold number of taxpayer paid employees present along with public and private security officers.  The group represented the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (CTA) and San Bernardino Council of Governments (COG).

The major topic was Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).  My concern related to the attempt to insert another layer of government between the private electric power company and the people, the rate payers.  I am philosophically and constitutionally opposed to the entire movement toward regional government.  Such a structure amounts to government serving government

We the people are left out of the process.  The members of the body have moved outside their elected areas into a place for which their constituents did not elect them!  So they are not accountable to their constituents.  They are part of what is called a “shadow government.”

The direction of the CCA is toward renewable energy.  You see over the course of time, the renewable energy emphasis has failed unless subsidized by the unsuspecting taxpayers.  The taxpayers have been unaware that they have been paying taxes, some of which were given to the electric company.  The rate payers then pays their electric bill for which they have already payed in part for the generation of that electricity.  Now that subsidies for renewable energy are coming to an end, the global-cooling, global-warming, the climate change advocates of pseudoscience, want the rate-payers of energy usage to absorb more of the renewable energy costs.  The start-up costs may be $200 million with a possible savings of less than 5% on one’s electric bill.  How will this “savings” ever pay the loan on the possible $200 million?

But with CCA the unsuspecting electric user gets the additional benefit of paying for another level of bureaucracy.

The house was packed with standing room only.  Not a single public comment speaker favored the move.  The motion died for lack of a second.  We rejoiced.

Few people even know about this government to government power grab.  But enough of us who were willing to prepare, appear, and speak saved the residents untold millions over a short period of time.

The finding:  Government must be monitored!