Dr Robert Newman Candidate for California Governor 2018

Young people gathered from various states to receive training on how to be a positive witness for the cause of the unborn. The training consisted of how to go onto the streets (of San Francisco) to present the pro-life message. The message is non-confrontational, non-argumentative and non-violent. The young people from early teens to early twenties were seed planters, not division creators.

Mary and I attended the two days of didactics (July 18 & 19) accentuated with on-the-street application. We were able to become acquainted with the camp priest, the leaders and the supportive parents who attended the camp.
After receiving two days of didactics, we hit the streets. The four vans full to the brim with young people and leaders stopped in front of the State of California Building where many activities take place but also where the California State Supreme Court meets.
By way of background, there is an ongoing case against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. They did an undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood’s sale, by order, of fetal body parts.
Planned Parenthood (PP) is not under investigation for their illegal activities. The ones who exposed this illegal activity are being prosecuted. The State of California judicial system is pursuing this with a vengeance.
The former Attorney General of California, Kamila Harris, ordered a break-in and a confiscation of anything and everything belonging to David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Thus in typical government tyranny completely disrupted their lives!
This is an example of both abuse of power and justice gone awry. The judge involved in this case is Orrick. He has disallowed the recordings of the meeting where the PP operatives revealed their illegal activities.
By God’s timing the members of Survivors were on hand to help with public awareness. On this occasion Orrick was being awarded for some prize for God only knows what.
As the attorneys filed in to make their appearance at the event, we had a captive audience from the security check all  down the block. Jeff held up a 3′ by 3′ color poster of dismembered fetal body parts as he courteously held open the door for the attorneys. He repeated that this is what Planned Parenthood does and to release the video.
The attorneys were approaching from down the block. I said “Judge Orrick is resigning; get out your video cameras. You are here as a witness.” I also said “Judge Orrick recuse yourself” or “Judge Orrick is a plastic judge.”
Why is Orrick tainted in his decision and should therefore recuse himself? His wife indirectly (trying to maintain arm’s distance) supports PP by her participation in a non-profit that financially helps PP. This is my best understanding as I gather information.
Kudos to the efforts of Survivors.
by Dr. Robert Newman – Candidate for Governor of California 2018