Graduating Marines From Boot Camp

It was exhilarating. I attended the graduation of 313 now-Marines from boot camp in San Diego, California on July 8, 2016. I was beside myself; God was mentioned three times during the ceremony. This stood in stark contrast to an incident which recently took place at Travis Air Force Base in Texas.

Oscar Rodriguez Expelled for a Word- “God”

Oscar Rodriguez, a decorated Air Force veteran, amassed over 30 years of service. He was delivering a patriotic flag folding speech at a retirement ceremony. Rodriguez was assigned the task of presenting the speech at his own retirement ceremony an April 3, 2016. Because he dared to mention the banished word “God,” he was assaulted by mindless airmen who removed him from the event and expelled him from the base. Thank God he is being legally represented by First Liberty.


First Liberty is a Christian group of attorneys who represent victims of abuse of religious expression.

U.S. Air Force self Destruction

The U.S. Air Force is self-destructing by exiling the name of the one and only God from their activities.

A salute to the U.S. Marine Corps for their reverence for God. I pray that more recruits will sign up and then fight for the foundation of America, viz.; God’s Word.