Dr Robert Newman Candidate for California Governor 2018


The Shadow Government

On August 10, 2017 another well greased shadow government met in Beaumont, California.  I was Western Riverside Council of Governments, Planning Directors’ Meeting, or COG.  The members are quietly meeting outside their jurisdictions and as a body are making decisions for citizens who did not elect them.  Citizens do not even know such a body exists.


I’m Not an Elected Official

I came to speak specific against the unconstitutional shadow government which was assembled there and without any real public announcement or input. In speaking with one of the members about the unconstitutionality of this gathering, he simply repeated, “I’m not an elected official.”  Decisions are being made by those we did not elect.


Regional Streetlight Program Activities was on the agenda.  This is a CONTROL of lighting:  It dictates when lights are authorized to be used by private citizens; it determines when Christmas lights can be used and what type of bulbs are allowed.  Concerning public street lighting, the location of street lights and type of bulb will be dictated.  The type of fines for any irregularities will be determined.  This policy is in alignment with pseudoscience promulgated by the United Nations Agenda 21, 2030, climate adherents.


My message was,

get out of COG. 

 My presentation was not well received.


The Important Person

Oh yes, at these shadow government meetings, some “important person” states that the group would appreciate more public input.  Don’t be fooled; public input per se is considered a waste of the committee’s time.  For example, if more than a mere handful of public comment slips are turned in, the three minute speaking time is reduced to two minutes.  So much for public comments!

“They” are not always the final authority, even though “they” are often trusted as the final authority.
When people have largely adopted a way of thinking into their society
and slowly built a universal worldwide view around it, they will not easily receive modifications to that worldview-even when the worldview is based on inaccuracy in the first place. They don’t want to hear the truth, because it means letting go to what’s familiar, what’s comfortable, always referring back to some “THEY” authority to support them when they are questioned.


N.B.  There was no announcement at the WROG on Monday, August 7th that there would be another WRCOG meeting in a different location on Thursday, August 10, 2017.  This is another indication of the level of disinterest in public input.  Furthermore, upon requesting an agenda and supporting documents, I was told that “we ran out.  We did not expect this many members of the public to be here.”  There were eight from the public, two addressing the group, and in a room which was neither designed for nor had enough room for the public.

Dr. Robert Newman – California Candidate for Governor 2018