newmanCongressmember Loretta Sanchez coordinated a California drought briefing. Three panelists actually were the presenters. But the congressmember takes the credit. Ms. Sanchez stated that she really wasn’t very smart, a statement with which an informed listener could readily agree, but that she listens to those who do know the topic. Reflecting upon the latter part of her admission, I would add that she listens to some of the experts some of the time. My personal experience on a previous occasion in her office confirms my words.

During the Q&A period I requested a response to my statement that the Delta Smelt was being memorialized. Government policy is to waste water by sending an excess of water out to the Pacific Ocean beyond what is needed to keep marine water from invading the Delta. The drought is a politically sensitive issue. The matter that the “drought” is created by government to oppress the people and appease the environmentalists, was shoved under the mat. The environmentalists are those people who worship the trees, the kangaroo rat, the spotted owl and the like. The environmentalists are those who worship the created and not the Creator, the One True God.

I asked a second question concerning how their community will look with brown lawns and dead trees. The answer was not forthcoming from any of the presenters. It will look third world, ugly!

There was a question that caused Ms. Sanchez to abruptly close the meeting, surround herself with her handlers and make a great escape out the side door, down the hall and into a waiting car. Vaughn Becht, an activist with We the People Rising asked a question:

“Can you tell me about the environmental regulations and restrictions imposed by the feds and the state and how these regulations and restrictions have impacted this state’s premier agricultural area, the San Joaquin Valley?”

She paused briefly, appeared to try to venture a response but said something like, “I’ll talk to you later.” It was clear she couldn’t handle the question and that she knew later would never come. She’d see to that. It’s a politician’s ploy. Don’t allow it; make the presenter accountable to the people. Ms. Sanchez did not want to be held accountable for her answer. She did not want her babble recorded. (We the People Rising was videotaping the event.)

Our politicians today do not know how to do the job; but they do know how to get re-elected. I have seen the quick getaway routine in local meetings and in the hallowed halls of the Capitol in Sacramento. When it’s too hot in the kitchen, the escape artist disappears. What a sad comment this is in relation to our representatives. It’s a terrible role model.