I had a one-on-one discussion with Pete Aguilar (August 19) and Norma Torres (August 22). Both are members of Congress. I said for each to defund Planned Parenthood. Aguilar’s response was subsumed under a woman’s reproductive rights. I responded with a statement about the baby’s rights. We went back and forth for a while. So I made him aware of my position concerning the sanctity of life. I did the same with Torres but employed the term the barbaric practice of abortion per se and of selling baby parts, both practices of Planned Parenthood. To both members of Congress I stated I wanted Planned Parenthood defunded.

Torres said the government funds (taxpayer money) are only used for non-abortion activities while private funds support abortions. Her position remained to be that there is a strict accounting for their separation. I said her statement sounds good but that I could not agree with her. I concluded with the statement that abortions are barbaric.

I then told both Aguilar and Torres to get us out of any Iran nuclear deal, AKA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. I presented both Aguilar and Torres with three documents by John W. Spring. I shared that Mr. Spring was a well-informed long-standing political geographer. In fact he had informed former President John F. Kennedy about the missile launch pads being constructed in Cuba a full year before our surveillance planes detected such sites. Mr. Spring has a letter of thanks from JFK for his civilian input.

Both Aguilar and Torres said they would review the information before making a decision. I actually have the impression that both said the appropriate but deceptive and manipulative thing. Their vote will be the proof of party line or a clear understanding of the magnitude of the destructive danger being considered. Remember, both are junior in status in Congress; both are Democrats.