Pope Francis embraces climate change as being human-driven. What “human-driven” means to the Pope remains vague but I assume it is referring to the day-to-day activities of life. God made a covenant with Noah: “Never again will I put the earth under a curse because of what people do…” (Genesis 8:21). So Bible believers do not need to live in fear.

The Catholic Church held an “indoctrination” presentation at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. The date was August 8, 2015. I was on the sidewalk outside the event along with 20 or so others. My purpose in holding a sign was to provide passers-by with information. The very best sign said “Praise God, not Earth.” Devout Catholics organized and participated in the event. Concerned Catholics used the term “indoctrination”, “guilt” and “propaganda”; also, something like the “Pope’s road show” will culminate in Pope Francis addressing the UN Agenda 21 (name change is being proposed) in New York in September, 2015.dd395-Access-site

Those who attended the sales presentation were well aware of the guilt approach: Americans “should” feel guilty about what they have worked hard to acquire. There was much Vatican-speak. The propaganda and pseudoscience was very thick. No counterpoint, real information was allowed. No discussion was permitted. Just swallow the kool-aid.

There was one very sincere and committed Catholic who expressed outrage about the whole parody. He was quickly manipulated into acquiescence. I ended the video at that point. I was not in the building but was on the sidewalk.

To add to the guilt approach, the big scare came next. The pseudo-intellectual approach with half-truths and disinformation to support the pontiff finalized the presentation.

The entire fiasco does the Catholic faith a serious disservice.