AZ Gubernatorial Christian Candidate



Christine Jones Candidate Arizona

  • Evangelical Christian
  • Protecting 2nd Amendment Freedoms
  • Stopping Illegal Immigration
  • Former Executive VP-GoDaddy
  • Protector Of Life
  • Limiting Federal Intrusion In Our State


My encounter with Christine Jones and the questions that I posed to her assured me that she is an Evangelical Christian. Although, we have a few problems with some of her decisions, such as having a DUI (2004 DUI conviction) and her not backing up SB 1062.
I say as far as the DUI conviction “Let him who is without any sin, cast the first stone”. On the other hand, not backing up SB 1062 gives us other concerns. I, understand it may look bad to Arizona businesses but IMO we have to protect Christian Rights to say “no”. Do we have to be legally raped to consent? I’ve seen several Restaurant signs that say “We Have the Right to Refuse Service to Anybody”. We as Christians have the right to do the same, we must serve and obey our wonderful loving God first. Muslims and Orthodox Jews would have the same problem, too. But, my question is why Muslims aren’t attacked by the news media over this issue but the Christians are? Think about it! Get some guts!
However, as far as Christine Jones we say “get out and vote for her”. Get off your pews and couches and get behind her, she’s the real deal. Quit being apathetic, turn off your TV, if you can’t campaign for her, vote for her, pray for her and help her financially.

To find more about her go to her click here. Christine Jones AZ Gubernatorial Candidate

We’d like to add one more comment about  this great Lady. If she wasn’t the real deal and a Christian Conservative then why is the leftist press so adamant  with her candidacy? Read for yourself.

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Special thanks to my friend and fellow Christian Revolutionary Mike Fischer for these videos