Dr Robert Newman

Dr Robert Newman

A few watchdogs from We the People Rising attended the City Council meeting in Cudahy, CA on January 11, 2016. The agendized items were resolved quickly. Yet the meeting abruptly ended about 11:15 when pandemonium broke out.

Here is some general as well as specific information. The council is composed of five young men. Four of them are completely inexperienced in both life in general, in governance and in rules to run a meeting. The four are completely rogue. One of the council members is, though rather young, well versed in issues of governmental finances. The gang-of-four do not have the gray matter to rationally evaluate his input.

On the night of the January 11, 2016 council meeting, concerned citizens of Cudahy came in notable numbers. They consisted mainly of mothers and grandmothers. They one by one expressed their outrage that a group of 4 and 5-year-old ballet dancers, all girls, were not permitted to perform at a city wide event. They were prepared and in costume, ready to enter the stage. A city council member denied them their debut.

dd395-Banned (site)The stated reason for the denial was that there were no boys in the group, a fact that was well known since the group was composed of only girls for a long time. The real reason for the abuse of the 4 & 5-year-old girls was because of a dispute between one or more of the council members and the dance instructor. The girls were innocent victims of a childish dispute among supposed adults.

At the time of the performance, at least four of the council members were present, including the mayor. The city manager was in attendance. Of the council members only the honorable member was outraged about the child abuse.

Now, back to the council meeting: At various times while citizens were addressing the council, members of the council would insensitively interrupt the presenter. Some council member would try to distract or argue with the speaker.

Late in the meeting one council member walked out, not to return. Somewhat later another member tried to spar with a presenter and then started yelling at someone in the council chambers. The audience in mass rose to their feet to demand he permit the person to speak. The mayor did not know how to restore order. The sergeant of arms did nothing. The L.A. County Deputy Sheriff did not know what to do. Somehow the meeting fizzled but did not continue even though a quorum was still on the dias.

My reflection tells me that the riot producing council member planned to disrupt and end the meeting. Why so, because there was still another 90 or so minutes of public comment yet to be heard. And it was already after 11:00 P.M. And I was one of those to speak against the council’s decision to declare Cudahy, CA a lawless sanctuary city, the precise reason I was in attendance.

Somewhat earlier in the evening I did have the opportunity to address the agendized item of the ballet fiasco. I have published a number of germane, empirical research articles in peer-reviewed journals. So I have the unusual academic background to address this government introduced and fostered gender confusion debacle. The sex-role issue aforementioned empirical studies defined the various aspects of sex-roles in both primary grade children as well as the measurement thereof in adults. The test instruments I designed and standardized were the first of their kind.

I do not think the gang-of-four had the cortical capacity to comprehend my message. But what they did understand was that the illogical & diabolical definition they used to disqualify the all-girls ballet also applied to those on the council. You see, it’s an all-male council. At least one should resign and preferably two to yield their seats to women. After that, my recommendation was not well-received.

We the People Rising were there in Cudahy, CA to denounce their recent decision to declare their city to be a sanctuary city. Such a city puts its citizens at risk and hamstrings law enforcement. This is serious.

In an attempt to be less transparent and less accountable to the citizenry of Cudahy, the next regular city council meeting was canceled. The the special session was canceled. Some of the locals are furious about the nefarious and dishonest way the gang-of-four conducts city business.