For over 35 years, the Federation for American Immigration Reform has advocated yearly levels of immigration that are manageable. To keep elected persons accountable is emphasized along with ensuring that they hear the public voice. As the Americans come out of the shadows common sense is applied to population growth. Its abbreviation is FAIR.

Because legal immigrants and the native-born are beginning to appropriately express themselves a more recent group has been formed, called Legal Immigrants for America. There are those who see the advantage of following the rule of law. It is abbreviated as LIFA. This motivated group of grateful Americans affiliate with other groups across American to gain strength in numbers. They meet with legislatures in Washington, DC and at district offices to hold their feet to the fire. Accountability to Americans is their primary activity.

We the People Rising is dedicated to securing the border, deporting illegal aliens, no sanctuary cities, no refugee resettlement in America among other issues as they arise. Americans first: Veterans, jobless, homeless and foster children. The Remembrance Project: A voice for victims killed by illegal aliens.

Both FAIR and LIFA are organizations of concerned citizens working to preserve rule of law outlined in the U.S. Constitution. These three groups mentioned here endeavor to preserve our American heritage of Judeo-Christian principles recorded in the Bible. They desire to make our country safe; they emphasize life, liberty and property. Jobs for American workers must be protected.

Help save America and our way of life. Inquire about these activists and become a real patriot. Do something constructive.