The corrupt government of Huntington Park, California appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions. The people in large numbers spoke against this illogical move at the city council meeting on August 17, 2015.

Those of us who participate with We the People Rising spoke logically and eloquently. We are against elevating illegal aliens to positions always understood to be only available to citizens of this country. These positions were never intended to be filled by citizens of a foreign country. That’s a no-brainer.

The illogic was passionately presented by the pro-illegal alien faction. Sample statements follow: These two (illegal aliens) have worked so hard on Jhonny Pineda’s campaign that they deserve to be appointed. These are hard-working young men; we need to embrace our youth. We all need to get along (so just let these two illegal aliens serve the community). Citizenship is “just a piece of paper” so what difference does it make? (I was reflecting that a $100 bill is just a piece of paper but she was not handing them out.) We are all Americans referring to those illegal aliens from Central and South America. These two (illegal aliens) won’t get paid (but will receive other benefits) and will not help set city policy (as if we believe that). There’s nothing in the law that says the appointment of two illegal aliens to a commission position is illegal. Yes, these themes were frequently repeated in both English and Spanish.

The fact remains that these two men are long-term illegal aliens, foreigners in our country. They have had ample time to become functional citizens of the USA. Make note, the members of city council did not care enough about these two young men to even help them become legal citizens before rewarding them for helping Jhonny Pineda get elected to city council.

City council Huntington Park, California wanted to make the brazen move in support of a Sanctuary City, a haven for criminals. There is one, clear thinker on city council, viz, Valentin Palos Amezquita. He voted against the appointment of these two illegal aliens because of their illegal status. Mr. Amezquita did a bold thing at that historic city council meeting while we were surrounded by more than a dozen uniformed police officers. He left the dias to become a citizen like the rest of us. He then addressed the council for his three minutes. He told his fellow council members that they have made Huntington Park the laughing stock of all America. He said that they have done the absolutely wrong thing by the appointments of two illegal aliens. In the uncountable number of city council meetings I have attended over the years, I have never seen such courage demonstrated by a member of the sitting

On another note, some very well informed and long-term residents of the city confronted the council members of their nefarious acts. Mayor Macias was reminded she must resign because she is not a legal resident of the city. City clerk documentation provides the evidence that the mayor lied about her residence and that Macias could not run as a candidate for city council. Macias also lied to the residents that the termination of the previous police chief would be a tax savings. Truth be known, the city will never come close to breaking even on the issue of the replacement of the police chief. Oh, there is so much more but enough is enough.

My presentation to city council, Huntington Park, California on August 17, 2015 follows:

The New Un-Americans

[I read Proverbs 29:2 in both Spanish and English:]

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” -Proverbs 29:2 KJV

Your decision to consider appointing two illegal aliens to committees is unthinkable. Your motives are nefarious and short-sighted. I am sure you did not poll your legal residents about this. I think it is truly sad that you do not have enough qualified residents who are concerned enough about their city. Possibly it is a lack of faith in their city government. Your population is 64 thousand. How sad that so many are unqualified.

You have a serious unemployment problem here. You have a very serious gang problem here, especially with the number of illegal aliens in Huntington Park. I know this because I spoke by invitation on two occasions last year at Ministerios Mundiales Ebenezer.

It is not too late: do not spread the necrotizing disease to other cities. No sanctuary city for criminals. No illegal aliens on committees.

Illegality is a crime that leads to the rationalization to commit other crimes on innocent peoples.

Thank you.