The terms/words used by the social subversives on the left are, for the most part, designed to evoke emotion, not reason. At the Claremont City Council meeting of January 24, 2017, I heard a pre-meeting organized chant by the left: “Migrant rights are human rights.” The failed display was designed to evoke sympathy for illegal aliens with their “let them all in” thrust.

I think the deep thinkers from the colleges would get a flavor of their message if the chant was “Let them all into Pritzer College.” With no vetting; illegal aliens need not have academic records or any testing. This is essentially what these liberal college students are suggesting the U.S.A. including Claremont City accept in being “a sanctuary.”

At the time of the chant and even a few days later, I couldn’t see the relevance of the display. You must understand that Claremont, California residents have two or three times the mean income as does a neighboring city.

Claremont is a college town something that is striking as one drives around the town. These college students, activated by liberal/leftist professors, came out in large numbers to get their time at the microphone. All advocated that the town needs to be a haven for illegal aliens, i.e., a sanctuary city. Yet the real reason for the migrant rights chant was self reflective: The students are migratory themselves. They are “here today and gone tomorrow.” They are like migratory birds or butterflies moving in one direction or another in their own season. The impact of their wants would be left behind as they move on in life, and hopefully mature in their thinking.
dd395-Borde (site)
The chant itself has no basis in reality for if it refers to migratory workers, I hardly think there are any real numbers living in Claremont! It is too expensive. And there are no real fields, orchards or groves to work in the area.

The good professors probably awarded each student with community service credit and/or extra points for attendance and speaking participation at Claremont City Council as long as the student spoke in favor of “a sanctuary city.” Usually college professors want the terms of a position defined. It is ironic that the Claremont City Council’s attorney stated: “There is no definition of a sanctuary city.” Just vote for something which is not defined! This makes sense to liberal college students.