Nonie Darwish at Corona California

Nonie Darwish spoke at ACT for America at a Corona, California meeting on April 8, 2017.  She grew up as a Muslim during the 50’s and 60’s in Cairo, Egypt but was able to come to America in 1978.  As a Muslim she learned to hate Christians and Jews.  “Why” was not ever considered until she came to America where she was in conflict between what she had been taught and what she experienced.

She was taught that America was the Great Satan but was confused as to why so many people around the globe want to come to America.  She was also confused as to why “the Muslim Culture envies the American culture.”

“If your father is a Muslim, you are a Muslim.”  “The men go to the mosque while the women are to pray at home.”  She went to the mosque while in Egypt but soon discontinued the practice while in America not only because of her experiences here but also because of the teachings in the mosque.  The teaching in the mosque is that Muslims are not to assimilate but are in America to take over government.  Any non-Muslim is a personal enemy.  Love is mentioned only twice in the Koran:  “If you love Allah, kill a Christian or a Jew.”  “Everything is sacrificed for Jihad.”  “A Muslim is bent on blaming others.”  “Sharia law is Allah’s law.”

In America she came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  She learned that Jesus died to save us.  As a Muslim, she had learned that a Muslim must die for Allah.

Since she knows the Muslim mind-set, she knows that its ideology is diametrically opposed to the American/Christian mind-set.  Therefore, diplomatic negotiations cannot and will not work.  Agreements may be reached in such circumstances but a Muslim makes no compunction either about lying or about breaking an agreement. Without a second thought, a Muslim will lie in the name of Allah.  There is no meeting of the minds.

Her Parting Plea

Don’t allow more Muslims into America, was her parting plea.