Kevin de Leon, the President of the Senate in California, on October 6, 2016 spoke at Pitzer College. Mr. de Leon addressed some government policy undergraduates, two or three faculty and a smattering of members from the community. Students, faculty and a couple of “important” community persons sat at the long round table. Others were relegated to the chairs lining the walls or stood.


Kevin de Leon with failed solyndra panel

Mr. de Leon presented a speech with a sad story of how his mother, a single parent, slaved as a housekeeper in La Jolla, CA. (Just for information, La Jolla is one of the most opulent areas in all of California.) He said he is her 401K about which I audibly said, “that’s the way it should be.” He tried to make the case for an increase in the minimum wage so it could be a “livable wage.” He reported that the legislative democrats in the California have improved the economy of California, created a “rainy day fund,” and dealt with the “drought” situation in California.

During Q & A the students were allowed to ask or comment first. Possibly two commented on how wonderful a job the speaker is doing in Sacramento. The students demonstrated how uninformed they are, even concerning the subject of their studies. The “important people” went next. Then the real challenges occurred. Participants in We the People Rising then had an opportunity to fill the listeners in on the truth concerning the rest of the story because Mr. de Leon only shared the flowery part, a very slanted and deceptive part of what the democrats are actually doing to ruin all aspects of life in California.

Of We the People Rising, scattered around the room, I spoke first. I stated that I have been “immersed” in water issues for nearly 20 years. I stated that the “drought” is a political issue and though there is adequate water in the Oroville Reservoir, Governor Brown has not ended the declared drought. We therefore continue to daily send millions of gallons of water, unnecessarily, out to the Pacific Ocean, water needed for use in agriculture.

Mike McGetrick challenged the speaker on the indebtedness in California and the unfunded liabilities.

Raul Rodriquez challenged the speaker about his emphasis on illegal aliens at the expense of U.S. citizens including veterans and the homeless.

Lori Mesia challenged him on the deceitful use of the term “immigrants.” He combined illegal immigrants with legal immigrants. She insisted he use the term illegal alien when it applies!

Mike McGetrick was not given a microphone. Lori Mesia was not allowed to speak so she confronted the speaker through the lobby and down the street.

Raul Rodriquez and I had our microphones turned off but both of us continued speaking. To do so we had to project our voices.

Now when I returned to our car, the “Trump-mobile,” there was an in color sign on the windshield stating: “Trump, Racism, and Xenophobia have no Place Here.” And these are supposed to be the enlightened youth attending an extremely expensive ultra-liberal college. They tout themselves as being “tolerant.” Colleges used to be open to the exchange of ideas but it is clearly not the case at Pritzer where they only wanted to hear one side of an issue, viz., the democrat, big government, the socialist side, and laws and legislation which are advantages to Hispanics. It is very sad that they do not appreciate nor desire a reasoned and balanced view.