I am in full support of the patriots of Legal Immigrants for America (LIFA).  This group has a thrust to promote legal immigration.  This group is very much aware that those who have legally come to America are very troubled about illegal aliens who have snuck into America.  These cheaters have displaced the honest applicants.  They have enjoyed the benefits that American citizens have made available.  Citizens were and are completely unaware that our dishonest and self serving government has promoted illegality in relation to immigrants.  And no emphasis is herein, at this point, being made to the entitlements by the government being dangled before them:  Jobs, free-education, welfare, housing, medical care, food stamps, legal services, and more!  The government is covertly using taxpayer money to bankrupt America.


The afore mentioned entitlements ruin the social fabric; they utterly destroy initiative as well.


Illegal aliens must be identified and deported:  First rid the country of the illegal aliens who have committed crimes.  These individuals have caused loss, pain, and untold misery for those who are related to the victim.  Recent arrivals are next in line to be deported.  These individuals may have taken a job from an American Citizen.  They have not had the time to become assimilated or acculturated.  They probably do not even know enough English to function (legally) in society.


LIFA works tirelessly to do their part to “make America great again,” a phrase that identifies our President-elect, Donald J. Trump.