Lord, teach us how to make, hold, stand fast on good impressions. At the same time grant us grace to accept from You–only You–whatever Your will is to be done. It will be the best plan for Your kingdom. It will be the best, even if hard, plan for us.

Help us learn to take opinions of the world–doctors, teachers, businessmen, politicians, even friends–and seek Your opinion foremost. You are not limited to natural laws, though You most often operate in them.  You are supernatural God, supreme and sovereign. You can do what man cannot!

We would confess (declare) You. You tell us we are whole and complete in You, Jesus. Col. 2.10 Israel had an incurable wound, You said through Jer. 30.12-17 and even though Israel was wounded, You would restore them to health. You are a God of restoration and You call us to be agents of restoration! Gal. 6.1 When the medical report is one way let us declare Your report, and leave all outcomes to Your will. We can be sure we will have healing, even if we do not know when the healing will occur. If You heal in heaven, it will be complete health with no sorrow or sickness or crying, only great, healthy joy!
Help us live this life speaking of Your glory, Your victory, Your purpose, Your plan (only for our good–Jer.29.11) Rom.10.10 says: “With the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” You give us Your promises so we can place our faith on them.  Pv. 2. 6-9 says: “For the Lord grants wisdom. Your every word is a treasure of knowledge and understanding. You grant good sense to the godly, your saints.You are our shield, protecting us and guarding our pathway. You show how to distinguish right from wrong, how to make the right decision every time.”

Lord, help each of us to search Your word for specific scriptures to confess into our lives. Your words empower us to go forward. May we find words that bring blessing.The whole 28th chapter of Deuteronomy shows us how You love and reward obedience. Lord, let us find in Your Word, confessions that will bless others, and guide us to make Your heart glad for the kingdom. When we help in showing salvation to any, and they accept You, Your heart and Your kingdom are blessed.

With Paul, we desire to speak words that edify those that hear us.  Eph. 4.29

Thank you for praying. Blessings. Nancy