I attended Engage California on July 17-18, 2015. The biblical worldview was foundational for the presentations. There were six excellent presenters and a panel discussion consisting of four additional experts.

The response to the statement “You can’t legislate morality” was addressed. Clearly, almost all laws have a significant moral component. Here are some examples currently signed into law or going through the legislative process in California:

  1. It is immoral for the legislature to force California taxpayers to pay over $350 million per year for medical insurance for citizens of a foreign country when the medical needs of military veterans are ignored, the homeless are shunned and foster care children are being harmed by behavior controlling drugs.
  2. It is immoral to force vaccinations on children while ignoring parental concerns.
  3. It is immoral to encourage public school children grade K-12 to concurrently use the same restroom and showers.
  4. It is immoral to undermine the parental responsibility by allowing school personnel to take an adolescent off school grounds to have an abortion.

Again most laws have a significant moral component.