Political Correct Mayor of San Diego

The mayor, Kevin Falconer, a Republican, was attempting to force political correctness on city employees by forbidding them to utter the words “Founding Fathers.” On February 11, 2016, I received an email requesting that I call the mayor of the city of San Diego, California.

The ill-informed mayor, a “public official” did not understand the U.S. Constitution. It guarantees us of our God-given rights. And one of those is freedom of speech. The mayor had also forgotten his oath of office which states that his job as a public servant is to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

dd395-Banned (site)Later that same day I was informed that Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has sent the mayor “a demand letter informing the City that such a mandate was an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment.”

Brad Dacus, President of PJI stated, “We are glad to see the City of San Diego revoke this type of censorship and PC insanity.”

We the People must continue to monitor elected officials who are in a position to do the unconscionable, either knowingly or unknowingly. Regardless unless We the People keep them in check, we become the victims of their folly. Thanks to organizations such as PJI, Advocates for Faith and Freedom, First Liberty Institute, Alliance Defending Freedom and others we have legal help. Their services are pro bono but our financial support allows them to fight and win more battles.

Now back to San Diego, I called the mayor’s office to state that I was offended that the mayor infringed on people’s free speech rights. By doing such a thing he is trying to rewrite history, to erase our Christian heritage. It is more proof that We the People must watch these characters, since too many of them don’t know the rule of law!

Pick your battle; come together with like-minded patriots; and we can take back our precious America.