Lord, You are our Shepherd. Ps. 23.1 Lord, we would put this truth before our will, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.
We need to submit our wills to Your will. Right away we realize we cannot save ourselves by self-effort. We are so grateful You shepherd us, save us, watch over us, lead us. Our first need is to choose real life by giving up any part of our life that is false. Help us surrender. Help us surrender more and more of ourselves until we come to a total surrender. First by hour to hour, then two, then three, then a day: we begin to walk by and in You. Lord, we arewilling to begin that surrender today.
Lord, we would abide in You; may our thoughts turn to what You teach us in Your Word. We want to take up our abode, our living in You. Lord, You did not pray for us to be taken from the world, but that we be kept from evil. Jn. 17.15 We can abide in You in the midst of this world! Help us stand firmly with You.
Lord, are not the things of this world in reverse of what is in heaven? If we look for safety in abiding in You, is the reverse not exposure to danger and distress? Are we so ready to see You as our safety, our refuge, that the dangers of this world are not to be retreated from, but faced and overcome?! We would see destructive influence turned to good, temptation turned to ministry, and our daily dying of our personal cross into victory [our crosses are those things which would keep us from You that need to be overcome].
So, Lord, when slings and arrows come, we will abide in You, our refuge! You told Paul: “My grace is sufficient for you; my strength is made perfect in your weakness.”
Lord, as we keep our thinking on You, our Shepherd, our refuge–our feelings will follow our thoughts, with security, peace, love and joy.Your example and presence will keep our hearts secure in whatever circumstance. Then our actions can flow from refuge in You!
Jesus,You met intolerance and turned it into victory. Let our effort to abide in You enable us to supply grace and life to people around us, to help them find victory!
Thank you for praying. Blessings. Nancy