We the People Rising has been faithfully speaking out at Huntington Park, California city council meetings, twice per month since late August, 2015. Our message: “Remove the two illegal aliens from the two governmental commissions.” We the People Rising has provided an extensive list of interested, motivated and qualified legal citizens residing in the city.

From 15 to 30 of us address this issue at the Public Comments time for a maximum of three minutes.

The city council is comprised of three women and two men, all Hispanics. There is only one man who is a law-abiding, clear thinker. The gang-of-4 is abusive of the clear thinker who has left the dias four times as I have witnessed to address the gang-of-4 with an appeal to reason. He does this as a citizen at Public Comments time, only speaking for the allotted three minutes before returning to the dias.

The gang-of-4 has tried all sorts of underhanded maneuvers to oppress the locals and unsuccessfully drive We the People Rising away. The Lone Ranger on the dias has countered with reason at their every devious trick. He truly is a voice for the people.

Their tricks: At all the other governmental meetings, including city council meetings, the public comment section is respected by being at the beginning of the meeting. In attempts to discourage community input such as with We the People Rising, the gang-of-4 has for months now moved the Public Comments time to the extreme end of the council meeting.

Armed with the Agenda, the unintended consequence was that We the People Rising, being informed and prepared, would then address the council concerning agendized items. As a result we succeeded in keeping the council in the meeting until 12:20 A.M. on January 19, 2016! So at the very next meeting, the Public Comments section was moved back to where it has traditionally been. We the People Rising taught the gang-of-4 a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with We the People Rising.

Other nefarious maneuvers by the Huntington Park city council are as follows: Scheduling the Closed Session during the meeting even though the “city attorney” is always present at the open meeting.

The mayor gavels recesses at arbitrary times so that the gang-of-4 has time to regain composure and regroup. (During this time, the honorable council member interacts with the concerned citizens.) The mayor threatens to remove members of the audience for dubious reasons. In fact, I was removed from the council meeting just for saying “Yes, Yes, Yes.” When the District Attorney of Los Angeles County was informed about this violation of the Brown Act, the D.A. informed the council that I was not disruptive and that the videos of the incident clearly revealed an abuse of power on the part of the mayor.

The “city attorney” inappropriately interrupts the speakers during Public Comments time, a technique the mayor has abandoned after her reprimand by the D.A. of Los Angeles County.

During a Closed Session time, one of our group was questioning an illegal alien who was appointed to a city commission. The police escorted him into the Closed Session meeting! A citizen of a foreign country is allowed to overhear private city business where legal Americans are eliminated. That’s Huntington Park city council for you.

In the past We the People Rising would assemble in the overflow room during Closed Session period. As a result of my appropriate thank you to the council for the use of a private room, the aforementioned room is locked. But that’s Huntington Park city council for you.

We the People Rising attend city council meetings in Huntington Park, California with the stated purpose: Remove the illegal aliens from the city commission positions. We desire to ablate the cancer so it does not spread.